Seventy’s Cycles, urban bicycles you’ll fall in love at first sight

The retro look of Seventy’s Cycles urban bicycles is really cool. They are those kind of irresistible bicycles that you can’t stop watching every detail as you see them in the street.

Urban bicycles have become object of desire for those who, in addition to seeing in them a practical and ecological means of transport, enjoy them as a way to express their style and way of life. And when it comes to style, the guys at Seventy’s Cycles are authentic tailors as they know how to create unique distinguished bicycles.

Bicis urbanas Seventy's Cycles urban bicyclesThe vintage look of their fixies sums up the essence of this more than three years old Madrilean brand, handmade bikes Made in Spain, with top quality materials and a design that recovers the style of the bicycles from the fifties decade.

Surely, one of the keys that gives this unique touch to Seventy’s Cycles bikes is the fact that each bicycle is produced on demand , that is to say, you configure the bicycle to your liking. It’s like making you a tailored suit; You choose the size, the saddle, the handlebars, so your bicycle will be unique, as it is also produced handmade in a traditional way, with an average delivery time of about three weeks.

You can choose between four models: Flatiron, Spiegelkwartier, Christiania or Montparnasse, names that respond to the urban character of these city bikes, because if you look at their names, they all belong to neighborhoods or districts from cities like New York, Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Paris.

Just as the look and production of the bicycles are taken in care to the maximum, Seventy’s Cycles guys also pay special attention to the accessories, with articles that complete the style of the bike or even your personal look, like the Closca Fuga helmet. And because these urban bikes are real jewels, one of the accessories that we find more original is the Gaynor Rack wall bracket, with which you can hang your bike at home as if it were a masterpiece.

By the way… Do you recognize the actress posing with Seventy’s Cycles bikes?

If you’re wondering where can you buy your urban bicycle from Seventy’s Cycles, you can do it at their website, and we say at the moment because soon they will also be in commercial spaces of some of the main Spanish cities and also in Europe. So stay tuned!

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