How to Take Care of Eyelash Extensions In Summer?

The hot weather, the pool water, the sea, the beach… If you are worried about your eyelash extensions during the summer, keep on reading because we will give you some helpful tips to keep them perfect!

Taking care of your eyelashes in summer is not an impossible mission but do you know how to take care of eyelash extensions during summer time?

Bárbara Torres* gives us the keys to keep eyelash extensions perfect during this season. It will be enough to follow these tips every day to show off your perfect eyelashes wherever you are.
How to Take Care of Eyelash Extensions In Summer?

Daily routine at home

If you are enjoying your new eyelash extensions avoid wetting them for at least two hours after treatment.

Helpful tips on how to take care of eyelash extensions in summer time:

  • Days after the treatment, avoid saunas, swimming pools, beach or simply washing your face with hot water..
  • Do not use mask or waterproof eye cleanser on the eyelashes, as it could affect their bond.
  • Use only a water-based mask on the tips of lashes.
  • Do not make a permanent on extensions.
  • Do not use an eyelash curler, neither on eyelash extensions nor on your natural eyelashes, as they will break.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes or eyelashes either because of sea salt, chlorine or just after washing your face.
  • Use a Sealant, either transparent or black, to increase the extensions longevity.

Taking care for excessive heat and sweating

High temperatures and sweat are not good allies for eyelash extensions. In this case, Tatiana Álvarez – professional Nouveau Lashes instructor – advises maintenance or filling more frequently than usual, applying a Sealant for a longer duration. At the same time eyelashes should be washed thoroughly with the Lash & Lid Foam Cleanser and with a brush to comb them later.

In the case of Nouveau Lashes, the natural cycle of lashes are about 90 days, so a maintenance every 2-3 weeks will ensure you enjoy a perfect eyelash extensions.

You’ll find products like Sealant or Lash & Lid Foam Cleanser at Betocare. More information at Nouveau Lashes.

* Bárbara Torres is Nouveau Lashes official distributor at Spain.

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